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► CLICK HERE to Learn How To Sing Tips To Improve Your Singing Voice ►" target="_blank"> ◄ ♥ Please Follow Me On Twitter ♥" target="_blank"> ♥ Love You ♥ Top 10 *MOST UNEXPECTED EVER* BRITAIN'S GOT TALENT AUDITIONS! 10. Forbidden Nights -Group of Strippers - 00:46 9. Jesse - Karate Kid - 03:29 8. Old Men Grooving - Dance Group - 05:24 7. Nicholas - Orchestra - 07:43 6. Innova Irish Dancers - Dance Group - 10:41 5. Sora - Illusionist - 11:44 4. Magus Utopia - Magician - 14:51 3. Christine Tew - DJ - 18:35 2. Olena Uutai - Harpist - 21:35 1. Brian Howe - Singer - 23:39 tags: unexpected auditions, shocking auditions, britains got talent auditions, britains got talent 2015, britains got talent 2018, bgt, bgt auditions, britains got talent shocking auditions, bgt amazing auditions, best kid auditions, bgt surprising audition, shocking moments in britains got talent, amazing magician on bgt, best auditions on britains got talent, shocking auditions, amazing voice audition, Forbidden Nights, Forbidden Nights britains got talent, Forbidden Nights group of strippers, Jesse, Jesse britains got talent, Jesse karate kid, Jesse cute karate kid, Old Men Grooving, Old Men Grooving britains got talent, Old Men Grooving dance group, Old Men Grooving shocking audition, Old Men Grooving unexpected audition, Nicholas, Nicholas britains got talent, Nicholas orchestra, Nicholas shocking auditions, orchestra audition, nicholas britains got talent 2017, Innova Irish Dancers, Innova Irish Dancers britains got talent, Innova Irish Dancers dance group, Innova Irish Dancers shocking auditions, Sora, Sora britains got talent, Sora illusionist, Sora shocking audition, Sora unexpected audition, Magus Utopia, Magus Utopia britains got talent, Magus Utopia magician, Magus Utopia shocking auditions, Magus Utopia unexpected audition, Christine Tew, Christine Tew britains got talent, Christine Tew grandmother, unexpected audition Christine Tew, shocking audition, grandmother dj bgt, Olena Uutai, Olena Uutai britains got talent, Olena Uutai harpist artist, Brian Howe, Brian Howe britains got talent, Brian Howe shocking auditions, Brian Howe surprising voice
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