Britain’s Got Talent 2018 Finals Lost Voice Guy Full S12E18

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  • Congrats dude, u are a champ, I like your humor, make me laugh, and your humor is not cringe at all, which is I think why people love you (:

    Yansen Steven June 6, 2018 3:59 pm Reply
  • He has no talent. His jokes were probably written by someone else. All he does is gesture kind of badly. HE LITERALLY JUST STANDS THERE AND MOVES HIS HANDS, AND WINS? IS HE TALENTED FOR BEING BORN DISABLED? IS HE TALENTED FOR STANDING ON A STAGE?

    Sean Deegan June 6, 2018 5:18 pm Reply
  • i believe he is his own scriptwriter and the dude clearly has talent and is extremely funny..for y'all saying he won bc he's disabled it might have helped him a bit but he does have talent. Love you Lost Voice Guy ❤

    IlianaBlue June 6, 2018 5:56 pm Reply
  • I wish the money he won will help with his health conditions

    Rev Vid June 6, 2018 7:38 pm Reply
  • Quota hires….quota wins….
    Libs will try to convince you special needs and special color must win over talent…

    slingshot2004 June 6, 2018 8:43 pm Reply
  • How many ipad minis can he buy with 250.000 £??

    Alan Ludin June 6, 2018 8:50 pm Reply
  • he is so funny, i am so glad he won

    alexis cripps June 6, 2018 11:02 pm Reply
  • he’s brilliant

    alexis cripps June 6, 2018 11:05 pm Reply
  • What did he say at 3:19?

    Peter Griffin June 7, 2018 3:44 am Reply
  • to the haters, this is what i would like to say to you. before this competition, he has already won. im not saying the others dont deserve to win, but before you type anything, how many of you (who are able bodied) are able to stand up on that stage even for a few minutes? How many of you can do that well on stage if you are in his shoes? How many of you can even put on a positive attitude and laugh in his condition, let alone make others laugh with or at him? Before you say a single negative thing, please put yourselves in his shoes. His body may be broken, but that doesnt mean he doesnt have a talent. Although he cannot speak, he is a human and he has a soul just like each and everyone of us have. I repeat, he is also a normal human just like us!

    Joanne Liew June 7, 2018 11:33 am Reply
  • Lol!!! He didn't deserve to win! Giang Brothers for me ❤

    JoHn Esc June 7, 2018 1:57 pm Reply
  • !PROUD he does it !~!!!! Brilliant he was the best! OOPS IS the BEST!

    Nostradamus June 7, 2018 2:48 pm Reply
  • I teared up and was unbelievably happy for Lee in so many ways with such emotion when he was announced this seasons winner! (Sorry this is longer then I anticipated. I can't help myself for Lee's joy!)
    Firstly, I just kept thinking how the money will help him in so many ways to better get around in life. Secondly, he's paved a HUGE way for all those who have been struggling with so many other disabilities who had been so afraid to step out there front door to be stared at by everyone! & talked behind their backs, snickered at and God knows what else people do to hurt others! He has changed the way people will now view those with "Cerebral Palsy" or any other physical disabilities.
    ("THE H*LL WITH WHAT OTHER'S EVER ARE THINKING ABOUT YOU!") It's your life! Not their life!
    God Bless those who've stayed true and kind to everyone no matter their situation!
    God has truly Blessed this man in so many wonderful ways. I always said. Everything in our lives happens for a reason.
    It was meant to be for Lee Ridley to be on this seasons show. I do believe in his case people voted for him not out of pity but because this he was genuinely funny. Thanks to the times we live in this day and age in this world with such great technology we can hear people in Lee's situation who lost his voice & now we can hear his thoughts through the brilliant technology of today! Now there's a great chance for all to share their Gift from God Almighty no matter what your needs may be.
    There will always be so many ignorant people around the world who will always just be down-right mean and ugly from within.
    It's shameful to know how many people speak first before ever thinking and say thing's to hurt others purposely! (Unfortunately!)
    Now I Pray & I hope all of the people around the world can finally understand that those who are labeled "Disabled" are just as brilliant and have feelings and want to feel accepted in society and reach out to others like so many of us do each day!
    Lee has shown us and taught us a HUGE lesson. It's high time we all become has one and love one another and help out our fellow brother and sister and stop labeling those who we think aren't normal! Tell me who's normal? What's normal look like to you?
    A perfect woman on a magazine cover whose been photoshopped and had a boob job, facelift, fake hair with extensions, lot's of makeup on to hide all the blemishes, colored contact lenses, colored hair etc.?
    The man with the bulging muscles, or maybe what the old saying is, "Tall, dark & handsome?
    I think NOT! None of those things matter. It's all whats inside your heart that counts the most that should be what's most important to all. God makes no mistakes.
    No matter what color your skin may be and no matter what's physically wrong with a person or maybe someone born with any type of challenge in his/her life. Love is the key. Show your love for others. There are so many ways to do so.
    I just want to really say to everyone "God Bless All of you for your kindness and your sincere happiness for anyone you may or may not even know." You're genuine Joy with everyone. Your very special if you feel that way. You will always be Blessed for what's in your heart for others. Those of you who'd never think to hurt anyone or anything and simply have a love for all.
    Helping those in need. These are the special people in this world. I know the media only shows the bad for ratings. But there is more love that out-weighs the bad in this world! They never show that on the idiot box we watch in our homes.
    Love doesn't bring ratings!
    God Bless Lee Ridley. I just Pray no one takes advantage of Lee because now he's got some money! People suddenly become your best friend to get money. So many snakes come out from under the rocks to take advantage of anyone who has money.
    YET? where were they before Lee, You or I had any money? Happens to every single one of us. That's another shameful thing.
    Bad comes with good as well. I'm so happy for Lee. The Giang Brother's were excellent in a different way and hopefully, they got the exposure they needed to perform as well around the world. I actually thought the Giang Brother's were too good for a show like this.
    I never understood why they never got the "Golden Buzzer!" But I'm sure they will be performing in the future.
    God Bless All!
    I'm ecstatic for Lee's winning this season!

    Christine Jackson June 7, 2018 5:34 pm Reply
  • Britain has great talent 👍👍

    Drew June 7, 2018 9:44 pm Reply
  • didn't understand 2:28 , 3:20

    ANAS577 June 8, 2018 2:05 am Reply
  • When did he brush his head and nose and hw

    Simone Karlonas June 8, 2018 3:56 am Reply
  • Lost voice you deserved!!!!!

    heavenly henry June 8, 2018 5:41 am Reply
  • 145 people dislike this. Really? I mean……really?!!

    Alex Reid June 8, 2018 7:30 am Reply
  • Are you serious?!!! This guy bested Robert White?? Wth…

    Jin An June 8, 2018 11:19 am Reply
  • Scam

    Pastor Maldonado June 8, 2018 2:54 pm Reply
  • god sick of seeing this guy

    Jun Fan June 9, 2018 12:32 am Reply
  • Imagine a regular guy does all those jokes… Not gonna win for shit. Biased as fk.

    Konrad Pietkiewicz June 9, 2018 4:33 am Reply
  • He won, because the world needs him to win. He won because we all needed the lesson. He won because so many people still judge and look down on disabled people. He won because many of us need these inspiring and uplifting moments over excitement. Because in grimm times, people need a laugh more that sensational stuff.

    GrumpetteJV June 9, 2018 11:20 am Reply
  • 😄

    JackieDJ June 9, 2018 1:20 pm Reply
  • M

    Pim Anekwasinchai June 9, 2018 3:48 pm Reply
  • This guy needs a nobel prizes nobody on earth is more inspiring best win on any show i ever saw

    south florida news now June 9, 2018 7:17 pm Reply

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