Kid dances to Gucci Gang on America’s got talent!

  • 5 months ago
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Thanks for watching this video. I did make this entire video. *This video is Fake, So don't Go in the comments saying "It's Fake"* DISCLAIMER: I did use other videos To make this video. One video goes to Lil pump for The song Gucci Gang. The other one goes to America's got talent for taking footage of the original Video. **All For video Purposes.** Gucci Gang- Lil Pump (Original Music video)" target="_blank"> Merrick Hannah-America's Got Talent Performance (Original Video)" target="_blank"> Hope you still Enjoyed and thought it was funny. (There may be some Language used during the video) 🔴SUBSCRIBE IF YOUR NEW🔴 🔔TURN POST NOTIFICATIONS ON🔔
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